Furry Friend Event

You might know I absolutely love animals. I own three loving, and sometimes sassy kitties, and I also work part-time at a doggy day care. It doubles as my therapy!

Many times, pets get left behind in sessions due to the stress of having little kids and being outside in a new environment. This event is to focus on those furry faces and provide you with the opportunity to capture just them. You won't need to unleash them, and their favorite treats are recommended (or a toy, if they are play driven) to help capture their true personality! Yes, it might get chaotic, but after all, life isn't always easy, and sometimes those are the best moments to capture!

Perhaps a piece of a human might be captured, but this is meant just for your animal. Price includes 1 furry subject and 1 image to download in your gallery. Extras will be optional and can be purchased through the online gallery. If there are siblings, they will be charged separately and will include 1 complimentary sibling photo.